Boys are so weird

We seemed to have a mouse living in our bathroom, more specifically the towel closet. So about a week ago I put one of those glue traps in there, the box says they work. Well the first week it did catch about 4 crickets but no mouse. So I broke down and bought those evil snap your neck traps, I just don't like those things.

Loaded it with peanut butter and put one up high and one down low. The next morning the one up high, never touched. But the one down low....set off, right side up and no peanut butter..... Hmmmmm sneaky mouse. Is there mouse school that teaches them how to dis arm the traps??? If so , this mouse should of gotten an A+.

As I was retrieving the trap I noticed a rather large hole where a pipe comes in the house. Ah-ha the secret passage entry way. So I stuffed a huge sponge in it, and then poured ammonia on the sponge so the little mouse darling creature wouldn't enjoy eating the sponge. I tried to find steel wool at the grocery store, but they don't carry it any more and I didn't want to brave wal-mart on the weekend.

So, new trap down low and glue trap with cricket decorations down low and trap up high. Within 2 hours I check the trap and there is one in it....eeewwwwwww Mouse corpse. I didn't check the glue trap. Since AJ helped me in this adventure and he was rather excited to get a dead mouse, I have no idea why, I waited till he got home to dispose of it so he could see it.

So he gets home and I tell him. I get the disposable gloves, I don't want the "rat-flu", and the dog poop tongs...we have rocks...and I head for the bathroom. He says, no I want too. I just don't get it...but okay. He gets the flash light and spots the mouse corpse then he squeals. There is another one in the glue trap. "And he is still alive!!!!" oh gross, I never thought of how to dispose of a live mouse when I bought the glue traps. GREAT!!!

He reaches the tongs in to get the dead mouse and the other mouse squeals. AJ squeals, by now the other two have joined the fun and are squealing as well. I have 3 boys in a small bathroom squealing and all trying to fit in a closet opening about as wide as a milk crate.

AJ gets the dead mouse out and we put it in the trusty wal-mart bag, tie it like 12 times and head for the outdoor dumpster. Whew, one down and one to go. I hear screaming from the bathroom. Oh no...what now. AJ tried to pick up the glue trap with the tongs and the mouse kinda moved and squealed even more. Great now it's a game of make it squeal and the big kid is the worst. I tell him to just pick up the trap and put it in the bag. Well he tried and the mouse moved and AJ screamed and dropped the trap with mouse still in tact. So, I tell him to get a new trap and open it and snap it on the mouse's neck to kill it quickly so we can get it out of the house. This should work, in theory.

Well, AJ in all the excitement of getting to be the Executioner AJ missed the neck and snapped it's rear area. Then the mouse really squeaked, AJ squealed, Ashton and Alec squealed and then they all squealed together. (what are the neighbors thinking?). AJ tries to remove the trap, mouse tries to bite him...guess what???

Yep, he squealed...like a girl I might add.

So finally after me yelling and mouse trying to bite him he picks up the trap with the mouse and the other trap and we get it in a wal-mart bag, I tell him to get it in the trash quickly. Well he takes it outside and starts spinning the bag above his head to torture the poor mouse just one more time and a cricket falls out and hits him in the neck. He jumped, squealed and let go of the back which hit the cinder block wall. He is dancing around thinking the mouse is on him, but the cricket is stuck to his collar and keeps touching his neck. After I finished laughing I picked up the wal-mart bag and threw it away.

I need a video camera for these times of boyness.


Anonymous Yolanda said...

Ok just reading this made me squeal!! Glad the mouse is gone, now I'm very very glad to have 2 boys of my own for future exterminating needs hehe.

9/26/2005 2:50 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

LMAO @ AJ and the cricket. :D

I don't like the glue traps. Tried one once, and was woken up in the middle of the night listening to a stuck mouse thrashing around in a cupboard. I'd rather deal with the snap-traps that make it quick (usually).

For future reference, what I've found works best in the snap traps is a little bit of chunky peanut butter (not including a chunk, but the chunky is generally a bit thicker and stickier) topped with one piece of dog food (assuming you have a dog--if not, I bet a Cheeze-IT or similar would work fine). With just the peanut butter, I think the mouse will actually sit there and just lick it off, which may/may not spring the trap. But with a solid piece of food, they'll try to grab it and/or bite a chunk off, and with it stuck using the peanut butter, it'll almost always spring the trap. Sorry for the long comment :)


9/26/2005 8:25 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Phil sounds like a professional!

Try it....and let us know!

9/27/2005 6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4/25/2007 2:11 PM  

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