I get home last night and go into the bathroom to wash my hands, no hand towel (fricken fracken boys!!) I open the Temple of Terror towel closet door and there is a evil beady eyed rodent mouse creature staring at me. This time I scream, I am beyond a squeal or a squeak... I look around for something to do something to it with. so I grab the long neck dinosaur (yeah for boys this time) out of the bathtub and throw it at the non moving, staring, heebie jeebie giving mouse. It runs into my neatly folded and freshly washed towels. AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!

I can't see him, I am not going to touch that pile to see if he is there....nope not gonna happen. So I slam the door as hard as I can, just to make sure I at least give him a headache and I leave the bathroom. Go to the kitchen, grab a glass of ice tea and calm down. Must think, what to do, fire? no too permanent. Chemicals? no have kids and animals. Gun? (cool thought) no, too noisy..city councilwoman lives next door. Water??? Now that is a good thought but the fear of mold damage overwhelmed me so that's out.

Okay, I put on my rubber gloves, slam my ice tea, and head for the "bathroom" the temple of evil in my house.

In this room of horrors, I have had a centipede crawl up my leg and a spider in my bathwater. Now, I have a colony of evil mice. I am starting to hate the bathroom. I'm a girl...I should have a pretty, pink and happy bathroom; not a dark bathroom where evil awaits you.

I go in and open the door to the towel closet, no sign of the enemy. I notice that he has left rements of his visit on my nice clean towels. So I take the tongs and scoot them into a kitchen garbage bag. Still no sign of evil. I take the bag outside and on the back pourch I set it down and start jumping up and down on it. I just wanted to make sure that evil wasn't hiding the in there. Nope, nothing ran out or squealed, the neighbor looking out her kitchen window did look at me funny.

Go back in the house turn the washing machine on hot, if I had a higher setting like "Too damn Hot" I would of used it. Pour 1/2 a bottle of Clorax bleach in the water, double laundry soap and of course my "April Fresh" downey. Dump in the towels and shut the lid, head back to the the den of doom. Took out the bottom shelf and looked at the trap...empty and not set off. This mouse is a professional. I put the bottom shelf in the other closet and I get to work. Reset trap with double peanut butter and I put 4 glue traps down there too just in case. then I pour more ammonia on the sponge. So, now I have on latex gloves, have poop tongs in my hand and my eyes are watering.

I close the closet door, I think I should of crossed myself or something for good luck. But, I'm not Catholic so I didn't. I had to open the window above the tub due to fumes and then I closed the bathroom door.

I was pretty proud of myself. I only screamed once!!!! I slept somewhat okay, no mouse dreams thank goodness.

Get up in the morning and check the trap....the PEANUT BUTTER is gone again. Tonight I am going to use Phil's suggestion and see what happens.


Blogger tales north said...

You make me laugh so hard! For some absurd reason I can totally picture everything you have been doing to get rid of the mice! It wouldn't be such a bad thing to get preggo again but we want to wait until we are back from Cost Rica before we start trying again. I would love to have 4 but I don't think hubbs is to keen on the idea!

9/27/2005 2:42 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Have you taken the towels out of the washer yet/??? I have a vision of a wet, drowned mouse! Better check before tossing them into the dryer! Ahhhh....the smell of fresh cooked mouse in the morning!!

9/27/2005 6:05 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

LMAO I can't wait to hear the rest of the tale.


9/27/2005 7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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