Lack of sleep can be neat

First off...some of you might be wondering...WTF with the cowboy crap.....well here is the story. In my car for the little boys listening pleasure, I had the Wiggles tape. The food one with all the food songs on it. Anyway, a few weeks ago when we were up at Bar-D Chuckwagon, we got a Wrangler CD. It has 15 cowboy songs with the Bar D Wranglers performing them. The little boys love it, so the Wiggles have been replaced by old fashion cowboy music.

Next, last night around mid-night Alec calls down to me from his room via the baby monitor..."Mom, where are you?"

"I'm in bed sweetie"
"I need to talk"...and he headed down the stairs. He is four and he needs to talk?

He gets down stairs and stands beside my bed, I roll over on my side, prop myself up on my elbow and look at him and he starts talking about owls and pine cones. Pretty much his imagination was in over drive.

I ask him if he wants to get in my bed.

"Okay, can I still talk?"
"Sure baby, talk away." He talked about anything he could think of till about 2 am.

He is so cute.

He even got up in a semi-happy mood this morning.