Sunday confusion

I am overly whinny today, I apologize for all of those it effects. It actually started Friday, got much worse yesterday and now today should be the after shocks. I hope anyway.

I posted an awesome blog yesterday and now it's gone. My post details show that I updated yesterday but no blog....oh well. I don't want to rewrite it because it would just re whine me...hahaha....sad attempt at humor there.

I love this time of the year. It is cooling down and soon the colors in Colorado will be magnificent. I just can't wait. But it is also the time that Meth-Man did the most of his damage to me. I have learned that if I face my emotions instead of burying them deep inside they will eventually go away. Some of them already have. You would think after 3 years they would of diminished. I guess I am overly emotional....stop laughing......yes me. I know I claim to only have one feeling, that is all that I will acknowledge publicly. I use my sense of humor, usually sexually perverted, to get thru a lot.

Okay.....I'm done with the sob story.....Have a Happy Sunday Blogland!!!


Blogger Hollie The Mom said...

I had a post delete on me Sunday about 1am in the morning and I could not go there again either it was right after I got an email from one of my Adopted soldiers in Afganistan and some really messed up stuff a warloard did to some kids near thier base so sometimes they may delete cause we needed to type it out to clense but it is better for it to go away after that :-)
Cheer up look at those two cutie pattotie monkies you got there :-)

9/19/2005 2:14 PM  

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