In response to my previous post "Hack Up A Hairball" and Drama Mama's question, why isn't she fired that is a huge offense...


But, "The Goat Theory" is in play here. Let me explain this theory of mine. We all know people who have really nice jobs and we don't understand why they don't get fired. Either due to their attitude, lack of work ethic, not showing up, crappy performance and many others. Why do their employers keep them on board and sometimes even give them raises in the most disturbing circumstances. Why I ask you, Why??? The Goat Theory is why. The employee in question saw someone of some importance to the company "doing a goat". In other words, they have something on someone important. But it is much more fun to say "doing a goat".

Just after high school I worked for Mesa Airlines, a local commuter. I started in reservations and worked my way up to Assistant to the VP of Marketing. Way cool for someone under the age of 21, let me tell you. Everyone thought I was a product of the "Goat Theory" except, I didn't produce crappy work or have a bad attitude. I worked my keister off. I worked 60-70 hour weeks and I didn't socialize, I got a ton of work done. I applied for the Manager of Customer Service position which I was overly qualified. The VP of Customer Service called me into his office and chatted with me. He told me I would be perfect for the position if I was about 15 years older. I looked at him with the "deer in the headlights" look. He just laughed and came around to the same side of the desk I was on and said, let me tell you a secret.

"People are promoted by their inability."

I am sure I had this "WTF" look on my face, cause he chuckled again. This is how he explained it to me. When a company gets a really good worker in it's employment, it wants to keep that worker in the "working arena" because they know the job will get done and get done properly and quickly. When a company gets a "so-so" worker in it's employment, it has two choices fire them or move them to management. Most of them move to management then they quit because it's too much work and the company doesn't have to pay unemployment benefits. If you think about it, it makes sense.

Sad, but true.

Happy Thursday!!!