It seems like a Monday

I woke up sad this morning!!! and late.... I didn't get a call I was expecting last night...deep sigh....but as the cowboy says "pick up the shovel and dig another well"....meaning I guess I will survive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to talk to that person this weekend.

After waking up late, I couldn't find one of my shoes. Looking everywhere, no shoe. Then I walk by the window in the front room and look out the window--"My Shoe" in the wet grass. Wet because the sprinklers just turned off.....Sydney!!!!!.....dang dog, if she wasn't so cute I might get mad.

So with one soggy shoe and one dry shoe the boys and I head off to daycare. I get out of the car and just about fall because I stepped on something slippery. I look down, a gross and disgusting wad of chewing tobacco is right there. AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I get Alec out of the car and as the boys walk I am dragging my foot like Quasimodo (I know I didn't spell that right) to the daycare door to get the stuff off of the bottom of my foot. We were too late for Ashton to take the daycare bus to school so I had to take him. No biggie, when I take him to school I get to stop by Dunkin' Donuts....Yummy

As we (Ashton and I) are walking back to the car, Ashton realizes that he forgot his backpack at the house. So we have to go back by the house on the way to his school. We actually get that task accomplished with no horrible thing happening.... I drop him off at school and he jumps out and shut the door, I start to drive off and I look in the back seat. He forgot his show and tell. So I honk my horn and he runs back to the car, opens the door and I point to his box. He smiles and grabs it and heads to the gym. He is such a good kid!!!!

Okay, "mom time", I head to DD. Long line, but I am hungry and stressed so I take my place in the drive-thru. I order and slowly move up. Get to the window, I even have exact change, maybe things are changing. I get my pepsi put the straw in it, but didn't drink it. Usually when I drink full cups in the car, I end up looking like I am lactating. The curse of having boobies. Anyway, get to work and find a parking spot.

Getting out of the car, I realize that I need to take in the candy I am selling for AJ's choir trip or it will melt. So here is your visual......purse, DD bag, two large boxes of candy with cardboard handles (yeah!!), large pepsi with straw in it. I get about 3/4 across the parking lot and my cell phone rings....HE IS CALLING!!!!!!....I freak and try to get to my cell phone....drop the DD bag and then my purse. Then......Then...Then...one of the handles of the candy boxes breaks and the box falls to the ground, opens and the candy goes everywhere. As if that weren't enough then I drop my pepsi right in front of my purse. Of course the lid comes off and it tips over and drowns my purse. And if that wasn't enough.....IT WASN'T HIM!!!!!!!!


A shop worker takes pity on me and helps me in with my mess, I left the pepsi cup in the parking lot. I bought him a candy for helping me!!!!!

I think this is a good Calgon Moment!!!!