I went to lunch with a female co-worker yesterday. She is a "biker chick". We went to Red Lobster. Very yummy. We were sitting there talking and waiting for our waitress to bring the ticket so we could pay and leave when a mid-40's couple is sat down about 2 tables from us. The guy is cool, but his wife keeps staring at us. Then the stares go to crusty looks, like we are crimminals or something. I asked my co-worker "Do I have a booger or something?" We both start laughing. The lady is still glaring. Our check comes and we pay and stand up. (we are in a booth with one of us on each side).

When we stand up, "Sandy" says in a very deep voice "Come on baby, I'll wear the strap-on tonight". The lady glaring just about falls out of her chair. So I touch her arm very gently and say "You are so good to me". Then we both had to walk rather fast before we could no longer hold in our laughter. It was too much fun. I don't see how two females together for lunch just talking could be considered as "lesibian behavior".

I am not a lesibian--please don't think that...
....but it was a ton of fun pressing that lady's buttons.


Blogger Erica said...

Hi! I'm here via BE. Nice blog you've got here and this was a great post. I could see myself doing something similar to you and your friend. That's what they get for glaring like they did. I hope they were thinking of you two during the rest of their meal. Hahaha.

9/14/2005 11:58 AM  
Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

haha good for you.

I know sometimes when I'm out with a girlfriend people assume we are lesbians, probably because we are out around Greenwich Village, who knows? whatever.

9/14/2005 12:24 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

People are so weird! They need to get a life!

9/14/2005 4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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