Common Sense or Lack of

Since Saturday, I have been teaching some classes at the college. Saturday was an 8 hour Excel Module 1 class and Monday-Wednesday night was a Access Module 1 class. These are not academic classes, but classes offered to the community for CEU (continued education units or credits).

I love teaching, I enjoy the challenge of "getting through" to people and meeting people and learning from their lives or view on life. But sometimes I wonder how these people, all people not just in my classes, survive in life. How do they not get hit by buses??? How do they remember to breathe??? It seems that common sense is a rare gift from Above, very rare.

"Is this the surgical technician class?"
"No, this is Microsoft Excel Module 1 class."
"Am I in this class?"
"Did you sign up for an Excel class?"
"No, I signed up for surgical technician class?"
"Then you are not in this class."
"Are you sure"
"Yes, they don't let me play with scissors."
"Oh, okay."

I should of got her name just incase I ever needed surgery, I could make sure she wasn't assisting.

During class we were going over how to do a checkbook register in Excel. I was going over debits and credits and how to set up the formula.

"Excuse, I don't have debits and credits with my checking account, what
kind of account uses those?"
"All checking accounts do, debits are withdrawls and credits are
"I don't have those either with my account"
(deep sigh) "Do you have pluses and minuses?"
"Yeah, that is the type of account I have."
(Cheese and Rice)

I bet the bank just loves him........

And now, a concerned mother just not thinking......


"payroll, this is Beth"
"This is Gomer's mom, I would like to talk to you about his bank account."
"I can't help you with his bank account, I am not at the bank and I don't have access to his account."
"But you deposit money in his account every payday."
"Yes ma'am, I do send a direct deposit to his account every payday."
"Then you must have access to his account"
(deep sigh)
"What were you calling about ma'am?"
"I just checked his account on line and he had 21 overdraft charges of $25.00 each over the last 3 days."
"Sounds like he is having personal banking problems ma'am"
"Why does he have those charges if you deposit money in his account?"
"I am just guessing here ma'am because I am not the bank, but he is probably overdrafting his account with withdrawls or his debit card."
"But you put money into his account"
"Yes ma'am but only on Fridays because that's payday"
"Can you put more in this Friday so he won't have over drafts?"
(I think my eyes crossed at this moment)
"No ma'am I can only put in the amount of his paycheck"
"Oh, I don't understand these overdraft fees. The bank advertises "totally free" checking"
"I don't know ma'am, I am not at the bank"
"Who am I talking to then?"
(I had to hold in laughter and attempt to uncross my eyes)
"The payroll department at your son's work"
"Oh, can you transfer me to the bank?"

She must have a sticky note safety pinned to her chest with her name on it.


Blogger drama mama said...

Did that really happen? Is Gomer as stupid as his mother. Obviously he is if he's overdrafting so much. Good Grief!

9/15/2005 10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/15/2007 9:57 AM  

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