I don't see it as punishment....

I am going to get a bit political--so I apologize in advance.

Just got a letter from my ex-husband who is in prison in Los Lunas, NM. He avoided the police and imprisonment for 2 years. He pointed a loaded gun at me when our children were sitting right behind me, he followed me and harassed me at my home, work and any public place he found me, he also had members of our local "Brown Pride" gang stalk me. (That was until they figured out he was a psychotic tweaker). He was finally convicted and sent to prison for writhing hot checks. Kinda Al Capon-ish isn't it.

Anyway, the letter said that he just got his first college class credit. Four credits for completing a course in religion. Religion!!! This of the man that said he would believe in God when he actually say a grey haired man floating on a cloud!!!!!

It seems that while incarcerated, he gets the opportunity to get his degree. How nice. I am a single mother receiving no child support and he gets a college education along with free room and board!!!!

Let's compare:

Before prison, he lived in a gross one bedroom travel trailer with no heat and no hot water and not cable TV. He and his new wife went from church to church getting free food and clothes. They smoked the unused parts of cigarettes they found in the gutter...eewww...Neither of them worked or had any money.

In prison. He gets 3 meals a day. Daily hot shower, weightroom privildges, cable TV (this was deemed and necessity by the Government), college classes, free medical and mental health care, he does have a job that pays him $.60 an hour so he can by cigarettes and stuff and he plays on a softball team.

Seems pretty choice compared to his previous living conditions. True he has to deal with other disgusting men and no private showers, but he has his own private dorm room. No cell a dorm room.

And they wonder why people can't function "on the outside". They have it made in prison compared to their life before prison. On the outside they have to provide for themselves in a legal way.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be in prison. I just don't see how living better than you were living is a punishment. I realize that their "freedom" is restricted but they also have a lot more opportunities. I do appreciate the fact that they are trying to give offenders new life skills, but a college degree?????

I think all of that money could be used to help a battered woman's shelter or food banks or even scholarship funds for children of single parents.

Did you know that if a woman's husband beats her up and she goes to a battered woman's shelter and he goes to jail, he will be in better conditions than she will.

I wonder if Alkatraz was like prisons are today???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/22/2005 10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/22/2005 10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

while these kind of cases are every where in the world. Then why only muslim world gets the blame? Why only muslim world comes on the news when an individual muslim do this kind of act?
My respect and simpathy is all with you Beth and no disrespect to any one. But I ponder about these kind of questions.

8/22/2005 11:02 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

i wish it was possible for a young girl to console someone who has been through such a hard time. but i know there is simply nothing i can say (or do, depending on how you want to view this) to make you feel safe/better/happy or anything. but look at it this way: he has no freedom, and you do! he cant get to you, and probably never will.
you're totally right. they are pampered in there. that is why they cant "function on the outside." but, if you're ever watched the history channel, and watched their special called "the big house", prison is still tough. not as tough as it used to be, but tough. a penetentery in florida is one of the toughest in the coutry.
just keep your head up high and focus on your wonderful kids. (they are wonderful, arent they?)
and the tax money should go to those other things instead of convicted felons/murderers/and people who should be in prison.

8/23/2005 8:19 AM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Wow! Nice Prison! When my brother was in Hobbs, they had nothing like that.

Here's one positive thing you can take from it...you can tell your boys that their dad is trying to better his life. Even if it's only while he's in prison. It's something to tell them. You know, when these guys are in there and off drugs, they turn into ok people, until they get out and start the drugs again. I expect that my brother will be heading back soon. Sad.

8/23/2005 9:01 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

Hey ! Another fellow New Mexican! I'm in Roswell, Just had to stop and say hi! Great blog, and wonderful post! (I agree with you!)

8/23/2005 4:42 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

I don't blame you for being aggravated! It makes me sick to read this and know what he did to you and your kids and to hear how he's living life now! I mean, I don't even have cable!! (Only because I'm not home enough to watch it!) Geez!

8/23/2005 5:39 PM  
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