Mama, You Hate..?

We went school clothes shopping this weekend, ugh!!!

We went to Target and Alec (4 years old) had to go tot he bathroom. So I took him and the bathrooms were reasonably clean. After Target, we went to McDonald's for a quick lunch. I told the boys to go to the bathroom before we braved Wal-Mart. Ashton took Alec to the restroom and when they came out Ashton said that Alec wouldn't go to the bathroom he just played with the hand drier. So I asked Alec if he need to go "potty" and he said "Nope" so we left.

You know where this is going...don't you.

We got about to the middle of Wal-mart and Alec says.."Mama..I have to go potty". I kinda flopped my hands down and headed to the back of the store to the "family" restrooms. We waited a little bit and then it was our turn. The bathroom was so gross and smelly. I have my clorax wipes out and we enter the stall. Luckily Alec was tall enough to stand and go, so there wasn't any major touching of the fixtures. He finishes and I make him wash his hands and then I clorax wipe him just in case.

Then I say.."I hate public restrooms"
Alec says.."Mama hates........Mama hates my pee-pee?" and he has an incredibly sad look on his face like he is about to cry.

I said "No, baby, I don't hate your pee-pee. I love all of you even your pee-pee." and he smiled. Can you imagine if we had been in the women's bathroom and there were lots of people in there what that would of sounded like.


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

thats cute! i know my mom makes us go. even now that she has two teenager. me at 14, my brother at soon to be 13. (i honestly am more excited about that kids b-day than i was my own!)
she tells us to go before we leave the house, and after we've eaten. but we hardly eat at mcdonalds. if we cant find anything else it's fries and a parfait all the way man.
im a vegetarian, and i wish not to support mcdonalds, but the fries got so much better.

8/18/2005 8:12 AM  
Blogger tales north said...

Hey pee bugg, I laughed when I thought what would have happened in the ladies room! I have heard a few funny things up here in the ladies room!

8/18/2005 12:03 PM  
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