Keep in mind as you read, I am a true animal lover. If I had a farm, it would not only have farm animals but dogs, cats...the whole 9 yards and non of them would be for food...lol..

AJ called me and asked me to come to the dog pound. He and Niki (his girlfriend) had found a kitten. Now I had just got Alec a kitten for his birthday, so I am really not in the market for another animal. But, nonetheless, I go down to the pound.

I get there and I walk around the outside kennels to see who they have there, then I go in the puppy room (huge mistake) there is a puppy there that looked just like Sydney did when she was little except she was brown and white. And the wonderful puppy breath smell. I wish I could of taken them all home. I finally get to the cat room. There is a beautiful Siamese cat and 2 kittens in there and a huge black cat that was loud talker. Then Niki showed me the kitty she wanted. A female that was only 4 weeks old, her mom had gotten ran over and they had the kittens. Earlier in the summer, Niki's parents had told her that when she got back from South Africa, she could get a kitten. So I told her I would sign for it. She gave me the money and we adopted Abigail aka Abbie the Tabbie. Niki's dad got home last night and said "No" to the cat. This is typical of them to always change their mind when it comes to her. So, Abbie is going to stay with her until AJ gets back from camping tomorrow and if her dad hasn't changed his mind, the I will have 2 cats and 3 dogs...but no snake...YEAH-RAH.

Then, last night I had dreams about the animals at the pound. In my dream I watched the guy put them in the rusty cages to put them in the gas chamber and kill them and the whole time they were looking at me for help.

Horrible, Horrible dream.


Blogger drama mama said...

I totally didn't know about the third dog or the cat at all!! You are kind hearted! I can only stand to live with people and fish!

8/19/2005 2:33 PM  

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