Are these my kids??

I braved IHOP with my two little ones this morning, actually it was about brunch time.

They actually behaved, my kids weren't the loudest and worst kids in the restaurant. Yeah!!! We are talking they actually stayed in the booth the whole time and weren't fighting or anything. I even got a compliment on how well behaved they were.

I am still in shock, Ashton ate 5 silver dollar pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs a piece of sausage and 1/2 of my hamburger. Alec ate the whipped cream off of his pancakes and 4 pieces of bacon.

I'm wondering if aliens abduct your kids, do they leave replacements????


Blogger drama mama said...

Hey...when did Farm town get an IHOP?? Where have I been?

8/21/2005 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2/14/2007 5:59 PM  

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