I need to vent....

I have been talking, via e-mail, to a guy that was introduced to me by my old babysitter. She said she thought we would have alot in common. So we have been writing back and forth and it seemed to be going okay. Then we did the phone thing. It seemed like I was having to pull teeth to get him to talk. Then he asked about my ex and if he was in the boys life. I told him no he isn't in the boys life and then he asked why and I had to tell him that he was in prison. Then I explained about his meth habit and all the trouble he got in because of it and that his current wife is prison bound as well.

I felt guilty for my ex, like I had committed these crimes---which I had not. I doubt he will ever take one of my calls or call me back again. I don't want to give up on the search for that special someone, I know there is a normal guy out there for me. I just need a locator beacon on his head or something so I can find him.

A guy with morals that isn't just out for sex or some fetish satisifaction. Some one who has a job and teeth. Some one who is accepting and good with kids.

Blah....okay...I feel semi better.


Blogger drama mama said...

If he doesn't call you back because of that...well poop on him. That would be a stupid reason! You need to move here...wider selection!

8/11/2005 10:57 PM  
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