My Interview Answers

I volunteered for interview questions from Drama Mama. So here we go.

First Question: What is one skill your parents used in raising you that you use with your kids?

I would have to say the recognition of "family" and it's values. How a family should work together and not against each other. That when you are having a bad day, your family is there for you and you should be understanding when other members are having a bad day. How important it is to have dinner together as much as possible and have family activities.

Although, my family now is a bit different then how I grew up -- it is still my family.

Second Question: What is one thing your parents did that you would never pass on to your kids?

The act of being prejudice or prejudice-ism. My parents were older parents and from the South. They disliked any "non-white" people and anything not the "norm". I strive to be accepting of all people, especially my kids friends, despite their family, past, race, religion or haircut. I am not accepting of drug addicts or alcoholism or anything illegal. But I do try to deal with the current events and issues with open mind.

Third Question: Tell about a situation so shocking, that you couldn't find the right words to say..until later.

Now this is difficult because I usually don't have that problem. But, in domestic violence court during the 1st hearing of me and "Meth-Man"........He had his lawyer say that I had had several abortions in the past few months and was sleeping with several gang members and that he had tapes of my actions and you could hear my children banging on the door in the background asking for some milk to drink.

Well first point was that you can't have several abortions in a few months and the second point was I was living with my parents. I guess I was completely shocked that he would try to drag my name through the mud like that. He actually had made a tape, using the next door neighbor who by the way looks nothing like me, and started showing it in court. After about the first 45 seconds the judge dismissed the tape as fraudulent.

After court, I was speechless as he gloated in the lobby. Later I addressed the issue, with a voice recorder in my bra, in a civilized manner and he confessed it was all a hoax.

Question 4: Tell about a time you said exactly what you meant, and later regretted it.

I confronted my parents on them running my life. I pointed out the things that they pressured me to do and they weren't good ideas. I wasn't blaming them for my mistakes but trying to point out how they need to but out of my life. Then of course the next week I had to ask them if I could borrow $40.00.

I had to learn to be strong and let them voice their opinions and consider their input but I had to make my own decisions for what was best for me and my boys.