Snake PooP!!!

I realized that I hadn't cleaned our snakes cage since we got him. So I started surfing on the internet trying to find a standard on the length of time between cage cleanings. I found nothing. But I did learn some things, like your snake should like to soak in water. Ours hates his water dish. And that corn snakes don't need a light as well as a heat pad. We have been using both. Our snake must of been cooking. Poor guy.

So last night, I took one of our little plastic creature cages and poured some bottled water in it(about 1.5 inches deep) and put him in it with the lid on the cage. He freaked. Hated it, almost escaped twice before I got the lid on. He hated to be in the water. Then after about 3 minutes he started swimming a bit then all of a sudden this huge turd looking thing came out of him. It was about 2 inches long. Then another one about the same. He freaked on this and got out of the water and clung to the top of the cage.

So I quickly finished cleaning out his cage and put in clean dirt stuff and refilled his water. I put him back in and he hid in is log all night. Finally this morning he was out and by his tree.

Very weird that his own body function freaked him out.

The life of a mother is a constant education.


Blogger drama mama said...

Ewwww and ewwwww! I have never seen a snake turd! It must have been really constipated or something and the water helped things..come out!


6/16/2005 12:35 PM  
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