Drama Update

Ex2 is in prison has been there for about a week. When they first sent him I wrote him a letter about Ashton trying to run away and the snake and stuff. I have not received a reply. I said some things in the letter that I had needed to say for a long time and I think it helped in closing that chapter in my life and allowing me to get on with my life without having "unfinished business" between us.

I asked Ashton if he wanted to write his dad a letter and he said "No". I didn't push it and I told him that if he wanted too, just let me know and I will address the envelope for you. He hasn't brought it up again.

EX2's wife called and wanted to come over and see the boys, I told her no and she got rather huffy and hung up on me. I don't see why she should see my boys if she isn't even allowed to see her own kids.

Sydney is getting big and spoiled. She seems very happy!!!!

AJ is doing better in school, after I grounded him for 3 weeks until he got all of his missing assignments in. I have pulled in the reins on him a bit, I think he actually likes it.

Ashton has started Karate and he loves it. His PaPa takes him every Monday and Wednesday just like he did AJ. His whole attitude has improved from this and from the snake. I think my little boy is finally on the mend.

Alec is as wild as ever and loves the new doggie door for Sydney, it is now the "Alec Door". He is doing well in pre-school/daycare and his late nights are few and far between. He is now asleep by 10 pm.

As for me...hhmmm. I have calmed down on whatever I was freaked out about and I am taking life one day at a time. I am coming to the conclusion that I don't have time or the desire to date. (Do you know how many extremely weird people are out there???) I do have a special friend on line that keeps me smiling and that is enough for me right now.


Blogger drama mama said...

If I remember right, it takes awhile after they get in before they get them settled and getting mail. They also open all their mail before they get it.

I've had to reel in Clinton too. He tried a couple of stunts the week I was gone, luckily, I was wise enough to be saving his IM conversations and found out about them before he could pull them off!

5/11/2005 1:28 PM  
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