Issue #2 -- GUILT

Okay--I am the only female human in my house. I go to extremes to assert what testosterone I might have so my boys will grow up like "men".

But, I know they are missing the male bonding with a "father-figure" in their lives. One of my friend's boyfriend came over to help me enlarge my doggie door and Alec was all over him. He had to help him with the tools and keep looking over his shoulder. When he took a break, Alec was on his lap and when he left he hugged him good-bye and said "I love You". This all to a 36 year old man he has never seen before. It really made me think, kids really do need both parents or at least a representative from each side.

Grandpa helps out some, but it's not the same because he is much older and a lot grouchier. AJ, 16, helps some but it is still not the same because he is the big brother.

I know that if I start dating someone and they come over to the house, there will be attachment between that man and my boys, but what if we break up??? Another failure in their eyes, another father figure gone. Mom screwed up again or she chased another one off.

I don't know how single parents date. I guess they keep the other person away from their kids, but that is hard because you want to make sure your kids like them before it gets too serious.

What to do....What to do...