I Need More.......Something

I have discovered that there are not enough hours in the day or energy in my body to keep my house and life organized as I would like them.

This morning at 7am I was in the back yard looking for one of my 7 year old's shoes when I discovered a pile of 3 year old clothes. I guess he decided to go skinny dipping in our wading pool while I was cooking dinner the night before. So I pick up the clothes and I look under our deck and I find 3 of my shoes. We have a 3 month old Akita puppy, Sydney, and her fun is taking just one of my shoes out the doggie door and hiding it in the yard. Thank goodness she doesn't chew them up, but I am always leary of what might of crawled in them when they were outside. As I crawl under the deck and get my shoes and crawl back out and get the other pile of clothes, I notice that the wading pool is filled with leaves and dirt (too gross). I go inside and put the clothes in the dirty laundry sorter and my shoes in my closet but I still haven't found Ashton's shoe. I do however, start making a "to do" list for this weekend.
Clean up Doggie Poo
Clean up trash in Back Yard
Pull Back yard weeds
Dump and clean wading pool
Clean up Ashton's fort mess in the back yard
Get sleeping and bean bags off the trampoline

This was just from 10 minutes in the back yard!!!! Still haven't found Ashton's shoe. I go into the "little boys'" room. OMG!!!!! It looks worse that a teenage girls room on a Friday night. Clothes everywhere!!! It seems that Alec couldn't decide what to wear and refused to wear what I put out for him. I look under his bed for Ashton's shoe, I found a spoon and a sippy cup (Gross) but no shoe. I looked under Ashton's bed, found the wrapper for the Toll-house cookie dough. I guess he had a midnight snack (that was for my mid-night snack). But still no shoe.

Finally at 7:45 am, I made him put on his Power Ranger sandals. He told me all the kids at daycare will make fun of him. I told him that he should of put his shoes up when he took them off. So we start to head for the car. I noticed that AJ didn't bring the trash cans up from the curb last night and I didn't have time to do it right then. I also scope out the yard scene, here is what I added to my list.
Bring up trash cans
Get trash from the street off the fence
Rake up Elm Seeds from around fence
Pull weeds growing in driveway
Pull weeds and rake Elm seeds from side yard path
Get beer can off of curb (not ours must be from a passing drunk)
Fix gravel that spilled over into drive way
Clean up little boys room
Find Ashton's Shoe
Sweep front porch

This is just one day!!! When I get home from work I have to force myself to make dinner. I am exhausted and I am not sure from what. I have a desk job, there is mental stress and stuff but nothing really physical. So why am I so tired???? I have asked the doctors and all they tell me is to exercise more. How can you exercise if you have NO, I mean NO, energy???? I am stubborn and head strong, but right now life is just kickin' my butt. What to do???

I am thinking that I have no energy because I am stressed and I am stressed because everything is a mess. I need a cabana boy or someone to help me or at least inspire me to get the work done and stay in good spirits.


Blogger drama mama said...

Get you live in cabana boys to help with your yard. Pay them for their work. Clinton, our go to guy, will be pulling weeds all weekend, because he wants money to go to a concert. As for the house? I can't help you. Mine is a disaster!

Oh...and...Doctors are idiots!

6/03/2005 10:34 AM  

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