My Achin' Head

My three year old is going to be the death of me!!!!!!

It started Monday morning at 6 am, he flushed about 8 paper dixie cups down the toilet. That was a major clog that took me about 4 hours to get out.

Then Tuesday morning, he took a whole roll of toilet paper (even the cardboard middle) put it in the toilet, still rolled, and flushed. Well it didn't go down....soooooo, he got the toilet bowl brush and started trying to push it down with that. I got lucky that I happened to walk by before he did too much damage.

Then, Wednesday night, I was on the roof fixing the air conditioner and Alec (3) and Ashton (7) were in the back yard playing. Alec said he was going to go get more Jell-O and I said okay. Well he didn't come out in about 10 minutes so I asked Ashton to go check on him. Ashton went in and couldn't find Alec. Since I was on the roof, I called for him and looked in the yard and stuff from above. No Alec. I asked Ashton to go ask the neighbors if they have seen him while I delt with getting down the ladder. No Alec. The lady next door came out to help me look. We are yelling and walking. No Alec. So I get in my car and drive about 4 blocks in each direction. No Alec. It's now been about 45 mintues. I panic and call 911. Do the report thing and they said they would dispatch an officer. I hang up and try to call my parents, they aren't at home. So I keep walking around the neighborhood knocking on all the doors. No Alec. As I am walking back to my house, I see the police K-9 officer drive up. I get just past my other neighbors house to talk to him and suddenly Ashton screams, "THERE HE IS!!!" Alec is walking out of the neighbor's house, who is not home, with a blue sucker in his mouth.


He has been over there before when the man and his wife were home. I am guessing that he tried the front door and they didn't have it locked and just went in. He knew where the candy dish was and helped himself. I didn't go in their house to see what damage was done, so now I have to call him and confess my son's actions.

(deep sigh)

I need more Advil!!!!!


Blogger drama mama said...

Oh my gosh! I know that it's totally not funny, but it will be in a couple of years!

What were you doing on the roof?? Did you get it working? Do you want me to have Jon go and look at it? He hooks up my mom and dad's every year.

5/19/2005 10:20 AM  
Blogger The Complimenting Commenter said...

That's no fun. I hope that things calm down and everyone settles. Good luck.

5/21/2005 3:45 PM  

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