Every Parent's Nightmare

Well, it's happened. One of my nightmares has come true.

Friday night, my son was brought home in a police car.

The twist on it is that is was the 3 year old. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and I heard the front screen door click. I dropped the silverware and ran towards th front door.

I saw no one in the front yard. I ran back in and called for Alec. No answer. Ashton helped me look. So we are running up and down the street calling him. The neighbor behind me was coming home and saw me. He rolled down his window and asked "the little one again?" I shook my head yes and he drove on down the alley and circled the block looking for him. No Alec.

I went to the neighbor's house he was at Wednesday night and banged on the door, nothing. I continued walking around the neighborhood calling for him. Then I called AJ for him to check the back of his truck for Alec and to come home and help.

30 more minutes passed and no Alec. AJ had just pulled up as I was dialing 911 and I saw a police car coming up the street. He slowed down as he got to us and asked me if I had lost something. I told him yes my 3 year old son in a Yoda short set. As I looked in the back of his car. There was Alec. I could hardly breathe.

The police officer said that he found him two blocks over and one block up. He was bare footed and had cut his foot on something and the office had put a band-aid on it. He had also given Alec one of those Jr. Police Officer badge stickers. Alec told him thank you and ran to me. I hugged him so tight he told me to stop I was hurting him.

The officer said that a lady walking had found him wondering around and took him to a house that had children playing outside and then they called 911. He also told me to call 911 with in 10 minutes of noticing your child is missing.

I am so thankful that he is okay. The big guy upstairs is really watching out for us, and we are very grateful.