Weekly Recap

My week went pretty well, no calls to 911 or anything!!!! Yeah-Rah!!!

One of my friends dad has been in the hospital. They almost killed him here so luckily they transferred him to Albuquerque where I am sure he will receive much better care and hopefully make a full and speedy recovery.

Went to my company's picnic on Friday and took the two little boys and Sydney. I wish they behaved as well as she did. Most of the workers at "Company" are Native American so my screaming blonde white children really stuck out. But the picnic went well, we left early because gnats kept flying up my nose....eeeewwwww.

A guy I used to date came over to weld back on two of our trampoline's legs and brought his kids. I had major flash backs and not dating him was a very good move.

We had some office PMS-ing. One of the girls in HR/reception always takes 2 and 3 hour lunches. Well Tuesday she decided not to come back at all. Wednesday her boss was in court but Thursday he confronted her on it. She yelled at him he sent her home. Friday you could of ice skated in our office. Man was it frigid in there. She wouldn't even look at me and I had nothing to do with it. She was a total hag. Then at the picnic she acted like we were best friends. I hate working with moody women.

Well blogland, that is my week, sad but true.

See ya next time, same bat time -- same bat channel


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