Boys will be Boys

Let's start with last night. My 16 year old had 2 of his high school friends over. They were all jumping on the trampoline. My other two sons, ages 7 and 3, decided to join in. I was worried at first that the bigger boys might beat up on the little ones. So I checked on them often. About 30 minutes into the adventure, one of the older boys, I think his name was Michael, came in with a bloody nose. I asked him what happened. He said that Alec, my 3 year old, had punched him in the nose when they were wrestling. Very difficult not to laugh and act concerned for his well being. He recovered and they continued playing. He-he-he...That's my boy.

This morning I discovered we are missing a hermit crab. Ashton's, 7 year old, crab was not in his cage when I went to feed him. Questioning the little boys I got the answers of: "He's in the Truck" I checked out the play truck, but no crab. Ashton said that he was playing with him and then went outside and forgot to put him back in his cage.

Great!!!!! Can a crab run away from home? Guess what I will be doing tonight.....