That Really Cute, Cool and Popular Guy from High School

I have having a flash back from "Never Been Kissed".

There was this guy, when I was 12 that was so cute. I was in a girls youth group with his older sister and we had a slumber party at her/his house. I just sat there all night long and watched him flirt with the older girls and play pool.

Then, when I was a sophomore he was a senior and completely unapproachable by one such as me. Yet, when ever he saw me he would always give me a hug and or course this just strengthened the crush I had on him. After high school he kinda disappeared and I got married. About 4 years later, I was divorced and at the country bar (embarrassing I know) and he was there. Except this time I was older and I had boobs!!!!

I talked to him and he flirted, this of course stoked the old crush fires. He promised he would dance the next slow dance with me, 13 years later I still haven't danced with him.

Anyway, I ran into him at the store the other day and he, or course hugged me. Oh my gosh he smelled so good. Let me give you a visual of this guy. He is about 6'3" with about a 53" inch chest. He has gotten kinda chunky, but I have gotten way chunky to put it mildly. Beautiful round brown eyes and he has a cowboy mustache. Handlebar mustache I think is what it is called. He makes it all work and I don't like mustaches. Anyway, he gave me his business card with his e-mail address and phone numbers on it.

I e-mailed him a few days later and told him it was nice running into him, since we have chatted. I have even called on his cell phone, but I always feel like I am bothering him. He has never said anything of the sort, I guess it's just the vibe I get.

He has never been married and doesn't have any kids, makes me wonder Why??? I don't think he is gay or at least I hope he is not.

I just wonder if I will ever be able to be around him and not feel like a stupid teenager.


Blogger drama mama said...

Who is this hunka hunka burnin love????

Your curious friend!

4/07/2005 4:39 PM  
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