EX2: Bench warrant -- I WAS A NARK

Well, I checked the court site today to see if there was any news on my EX2. It showed a bench warrant for failure to appear on the 29th.

He called today asking about the boys and if he could see them. I told him not until he is done with all the court and jail stuff. Then he told me that he might not have to go to prison, he might get drug court instead and he will be able to stay out of jail. (my eyes crossed at this). Ashton is finally getting back to normal since there has been no visitation and I don't want his little world turned upside down again. I asked him where he was he said he was at home today but he had been staying in Aztec helping a friend.

Well, after about 2 hours of trying to decide, I finally (with the help of a on-line pal) decided to call the police dispatch and tell them where he was at. I called and the dispatcher was way cool. Took down his address and stuff and then asked me if he had any guns or knives I knew of. Then I got to tell her about his 4 boot knives two shoulder (holster) knives and all the other ones.

I am not sure if I called to be vindictive or if I called to do the right thing. Probably vindictive.

Any input???? What would you of done?