We Survived Spring Break and So Did Arizona

Well, another spring break has passed and this year we went to Phoenix. I had been thinking about going to Phx for a while but I had a great motivator this time, I met a guy I had been talking to on the internet for over 2 years!!!! And believe it or not, he has teeth, a job, he bathes regulary and doesn't have one of those voices that makes you want to stuff pillows in your ears. The meeting didn't go as planned due to the fact that he was there on work. He got called out on an extra job and then the 2 hour job he was there for ended up taking over 8 hours. But we did get to meet briefly while he stood in line with me at the JCPenny outlet store check out line. It was a very long line so we got to talk for about 30 minutes. I really like him. The only thing bad about finally meeting someone, if it goes well, is that you miss them. But life will go on.

The boys and I went to Phx via the Grand Canyon, I've never been there, IT WAS SNOWING. It was still very beautiful, we only went by the South Rim but it was a site. We continued on to Flagstaff where we got lost, AJ was driving, and we turned around in the same parking lot 3 times. The final time he pulled in and stopped, got out and told me I was driving. I was laughing so hard that it took me a minute to catch my breath and get out of the car.

We finally made it out of Flagstaff and towards Phx, I called my friend and told her we were headed to her house and got the beginning of the directions when Alec had to go to the bathroom again (I stress AGAIN). So we got off the interstate and believe it or not we were close to our hotel. So I went in to check if we could check in 1.5 hours early and we could. So we got checked in and unloaded the car the boys disappeared to the pool and I called my friend and told her would would meet later I didn't think I could get the boys back in the car so soon.

She lives in Mesa and we were staying in Downtown Phoenix. So when it was time to head to her house I got some of the directions and we headed out. She called about 45 minutes later and asked where we were.....We had just turned the corner and we were in Glendale. After we both stopped laughing and about 20 minutes I was on the interstate headed the right direction. We finally reached her house and Alec wouldn't stop crying. We then headed to Chuck E. Cheese. This is a very parent friendly kid place. I really like the way they stamp everyone in your party's hand so no one can take your kid. And they actually have pretty good pizza.

Next day we invaded Arizona Mills Mall. Oh My Gosh, it was so cool. We had our first experience with the Rain Forest Cafe. Another OMG!!!! Not only was is an awesome atmosphere, but it had GREAT food a bit price but hey, you have to pay for all that jungle stuff some how. This was the day my friend met me at the mall.:))

Friday, Good Friday, we met my friend "E" at the zoo. I love zoos. It was kinda crowded but the zoo was big enough to handle it. Now, she has two boys one 4 and one 14 and I have 3 boys 16, 7 and 3.5. We were very loud!!!!! After exhaustion and tired of my Alec crying non stop I went and rented one of those two driver bikes. The two teens were in the front and the 3 little boys in the back and "E" and I walked behind laughing at them. I am sorry if you were one of the people that the boys ran off the path!!! They did come down one hill back to us with the two big boys laughing and smiling and you hear 3 little boys in the back screaming "MaMa and Slow Down". Skid marks all over Phx Zoo!!!! But they had a blast. The only bad thing about zoos--everything is so expensive-- They know they have you -- and they make you pay dearly.

Saturday, my mom called at 700am wanting to know if we had left yet. We weren't even up yet. Then she called at 800am, 900am and 1000am. I turned off my phone after that so then she called AJ's at 1100am. (hee-hee). We were in no rush to leave and we stopped by another mall and looked for a Toys-r-Us. Found the mall but no Toys-R-Us. We headed home around 1200n.

We had a great Spring Break -- I apologize to Phoenix for Invading, but we will be back!!!!


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