Does On-Line Love Happen??

Well, I was a silly girl over my mini-vacation and I met a guy I have been talking to over the internet on and off for 19 months. At first I was really excited, then nervous and then I went thru the "he won't show" deal.

We actually did meet, but not as planned. When he called we were in the Rainforest Cafe and he said he would call back in about an hour cause it was so noisy in there. Well, 4 hours past and no call so I figured I screwed it up. Then about 6:15 pm that evening, he called and said he had been called out. I was at the outlet mall not too far from him so he came and stood in line with me and we talked. It was so cool and it actually went well.

He has never given me his phone number due to his traveling and working at odd times. This kinda freaked me out at first but now I think it's cool, I can't be blamed for not calling. Of course this also means I am kinda at his beckon call. He lives in Las Vegas, NV and works mainly in Southern Calif. and I live in NM, so there is the long distance issue there.

I guess I am just elated that I met someone who is semi normal and likes me as I am. But, I am also double thinking everything due to my past track record of sucky man choices. Could a relationship actually be established from this?? I know it has happened but I also know it has failed.