I always think that people don't answer their phone when I call cause they know it's me..... I know, get over myself.

I had so much fun today, when my ex-husband called 3 different times from 3 different numbers (none of them his) and I didn't answer. HA-HA.

I know I am evil, but I refuse REFUSE I SAY, to let him ruin anymore of our holidays or special events. He called when we were in Phoenix and I wanted to say "We are in Phoenix and you're not cause your white trash". But I couldn't because then he would know that I wasn't home and he would most likely do something to my house or rob it, tag it or something.

I read on the court website that he has violated his probation by not paying the fees and he has a court appearance on the 29th. He will probably smuze his PO and get off with no punishment, this usually happens. Then, supposedly on the 11th of April he gets his prison sentencing. I will believe it when he is behind bars. He always gets out of everything. I guess that is why he is always doing bad things because he really doesn't get punished. GO FIGURE.

Well, I'm off to do more laundry, Go Team!!