I have been having problems getting my two little boys to eat dinner the past few weeks. So last night I tried something different.

I Forman Grilled chicken breasts, boiled perogies, cooked green beans and cut up some watermelon. After the chicken was cooked, I cut it up into cubes. We had "stab food" I gave each boy 2 of the wooden ka-bob sticks and told them to dig in. They loved it. Between the two of them they ate 3 chicken breasts, a can of green beans, 6 perogies and almost a 1/2 of a watermelon. They slept really well too. It was great.

My mother says I am teaching them bad things. I know it's not the most polite way to eat, but at least they were eating healthy food and not junk food. I am hoping they will start liking to eat dinner again then I can have them eat like the semi-civilized little boys they are.