My 16 Year Old Has A Better Love Life Than I Do!!!!

Another exciting Friday Night passed by and I am at home doing laundry. On a happier note, I have booked our hotel rooms for Phoenix and we will invade the city on the 23rd. We are going to the zoo, I hope my boys aren't too wild for the animals....I'm not exaggerating!!!!

I didn't hear anything from the courts about EX2 and the outcome of his trial. So, that will be continued on another blog.

My 16 year old is hanging out with his girlfriend tonight. They make a very cute couple and they get along pretty well. They get mad at each other but they don't yell or anything, the other one just tries to get a smile and then they make up. It seems they understand how relationships work. This terrifies me but also makes me very proud. My goal in raising my 3 sons is to make them into wonderful husbands and fathers. Something they haven't seen much of except, of course, for the example my father has set.

These two teens are very close and they look a lot alike. Some people ask me if she is my daughter. AJ is 5'11" and Niki is a whopping 4'11". They are both blonde haired and blue eyed. They do look really cute together.

For Niki's 16th birthday, I gave her a box of condoms as one of her presents. I attached a note that said----

I'm not saying that you two do
But, I don't want to become a Grandma
Before I am Forty-Two

They laughed but took the hint.


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