EX2: Pre Court Drama

My EX2 called last night to see if he could come by and see the boys. (we have 2 together). I told him sure but you need to have them drop you off here cause I can't go get you.
He doesn't have a vehicle because he didn't know you had to pay for a vehicle while
you were going thru a divorce. So the vehicle we owned together was repo'd about
1 year ago.

So he said okay, but I have my guitars, I told him okay but you can't play them while you are here. (last time he came to visit the boys, he played his guitar the whole time cause I have electricity and he can plug his amp in) He went "Ohhhh, okay".

So about an hour later he showed up. Dirty uncombed hair, nose piercing with goobers hanging off of it and clothes he had probably worn for about a week straight. (When I married him, he was never dirty and refused to get dirty.)

He came and of course the boys are too excited to see him. He goes in their room and sits on their bed and talks to them for about 10 minutes and then asks me if he can talk to me. I said sure and we went to the kitchen. He said that he will be going to court on Friday and the DA offered him a plea of max 4 years in prison and min of 18 months. If he didn't take the plea then they would proscute him to the full extent which would be 21 years. This is all for writing bad checks, which he didn't know was a crime. He didn't know that it was illegal to write checks to vendors on a closed checking account. And he claims to be a genius???? He then asked me to write a letter to the judge stating that he was a good father and that he needs a least a month with his kids before he goes to prison. I just looked at him. (how does this dude walk with such big balls) I really didn't know what to say, I just turned away. This is the man who, in 2 years, has not paid one month of child support to help me with our sons. This is the man that, when he kicked us out of our house in December, told me to "go to hell" when I asked for our sons' winter coats. This is also the man that pulled a automatic pistol on me while I was in my car with our boys in the back seat. He wants me to tell a judge that he is a good father!!!!!!!

I don't think so.........

I head back into the boys room and he says, I forgot I have counseling!!! I tell him no biggie, I will take him to his counseling. But, we had to stop by his house on the way to drop off his guitars. So I did. The boys hugged him good-bye and when headed home.

uugghhhh.....my taste in men needs tutoring lessons.

He called this morning to tell me that he is really sorry for all of the horrible things he did to me. I told him I forgave him along time ago, but I cannot forget them. He said he doesn't know why the DA won't just let him payback the checks, I said maybe it's because you don't have a job and you haven't had a job in over 18 months!!!!

Once again "Oh..."

Then he said he was looking into going to college while in prison. Then he will have the education he needs to turn his life around. I told him whatever flips his switch. This statement of his really irritated me. Here I am working 60+ hours a week to support myself and my 3 sons. He doesn't pay child support and doesn't work. He is on unemployment and on probation for the gun episode and now he is going to prison and he is going to get a college education!!!!!!!! I guess crime does pay in some ways, but I don't want to find out!!!!


Blogger Jen said...

Wow. Hang in there! Came across your blog doing the "Next Blog" thing, but will come back to visit again.

3/04/2005 8:08 PM  
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