Turn up the violin music and pass the cheese!!

I am in a state of confusion.

I just went to my high school alumni site to check out my old class mates. Basically to see if there were any updates or anything.

I see the name of this girl, who in high school was dumb and horrible. I mean she was rude, cruel and just flat out ugly. But, her parents had money so she was popular. Not the way the really cool people are but they put up with her.

Anyway, she went to college and got her degree. Married a very rich guy and she has never had to work a day in her life. I know, I'm jealous. It just doesn't seem fair that this happens. I am happy for her, but it always seems that those who have get more and those who do not just keep working to get by.

I wouldn't trade my kids for the world or any amount of money, but why can't these wonderful chances happen for me??? or do they happen and I am so scared and busy trying to survive that I don't see them??

Why are some meant to have everything and other meant to have just enough or almost enough? I know in the bible it says that God will make sure we have what we need, but how come others get more then they can ever use or appreciate?

Am I whining??? YES I AM WHINING!!!!!!!!!