Pass the Ointment Please!!

Tuesday is looking much better than yesterday. Biker chic is gone to become a grandma again, so there is some peace in my life a work.

I am still be haunted by my ex-husbands actions. I was served a court document today saying that I now owe $2,643.56. These debts were incurred when we were separated but the divorce was not final. And even though I have all kinds of domestic violence court documents proving that we were not together, I am responsible for them. Thank goodness I was not on his checking account otherwise I would also be responsible for all of that mess too.

So, I had to set up payment arrangements to pay this off so they will not garnish my check. It seems odd that he is in prison, living better there than he did when he was out. He gets paid for whatever work he does, 0.17 per hour I think, doesn't have to pay for anything and I get to pay his bills and he has never paid child support.

It just seems that he always comes out on the winning side of this stuff. I realize that he is in prison and his freedom is gone, but he gets more TV channels than I do. But he doesn't have to worry about paying bills, feeding kids, housework, yardwork, budgeting and compromising like all other adults have to in order to maintain a normal lifestyle. He just has to keep his back to the wall and attempt to maintain a normal mental condition.

Did you know, they don't send you to prison as a punishment??? When they sentence you they "separate you from society" for a time period so you can learn better behavior.

I know I'm whining, I've just had enough of cleaning up his messes. It's not my job anymore.

I will quote Drama Mama "It really Chaps My Fanny".

What chaps yours?


Blogger drama mama said...

Arrggghh! That just doesn't seem right at all! Big Jerks! And M the biggest jerk of all!

Let's see, what chaps me today....Snowbirds! It took me forever to get grocerys today!

1/17/2006 3:18 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

Ex husbands who get to live thier lives SO FLIPPIN FREE from responsibility.... people who are nice but don't really like you.... liars.... OH I could go on.

I'm so sorry. I'd be so pissed if I were you. How long is he in for?

1/17/2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger peebugg said...

well as of june 2005 supposed to be 2 years. But every time he writes the boys he keeps saying he will be out this spring.....but, I can't really remember him telling the truth about anything....so I am hoping for the 2 years

1/17/2006 8:24 PM  
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