Mundane Monday

It feels like I am in a downward spiral and headed for a crash.

Things are just building and building....and I can feel the steam starting to spew from my ears. Nothing has really changed at work--biker chic is still being a biatch, but now it's acceptable because he daughter is getting ready to have a baby....poohie I say... The Newbie is back from her cruise and doesn't want to be here so isn't doing a dang thing and being nothing but a whinny butt.

So needless to say, my mood isn't improving. On top of being sick I have to deal with them and I really don't want too. So I have stayed in my office all day and listened to LaunchCast, yahoo is being nice to me today...so that has been a help.

My mom called and said she almost took my dad to the ER last night cause he couldn't breathe and she couldn't get his oxygen machine to work....did she call me last night...NO....she tells me the next morning. She is hinting around that we should move back in with them. I really don't want too. She is going mentally and my father physically...so this is going to be a fun trip. I guess if it gets really bad, I will have too. I am hoping my brother will be moved back here by then and he and/or his wife can help. Not that he would, but the thought is nice. Winter is always hard on my parents, so we are just going by there alot more like every other night for a visit. AJ was over there with my dad most of today and helped him get some stuff done....so it will work out, we just have to re-adjust.

My friend Lisa called, she and her man are trying to work things out. But, she wants to come over tonight and borrow my phone recording equipment just in case he goes postal again. That sounded real promising. She came over yesterday and brought some chicken and rice soup. AJ just looked at it and said..."I'm not eatin' it!" I kinda have to agree with him, it smelled funky. So I gave it to the dogs, they didn't even eat it all....that should tell you something right there.

I wish I had some big strong arms to go home to tonight....

(song starts from Snow White)

Some day my prince will come......


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