Man...I had major organizational issues this morning.

Woke up and got in the shower and my shampoo was gone. Not empty...GONE....So I had to use the starfish little kids shampoo. Get out of the shower and look at my face...a few stray eyebrows---can't find the tweezers....crap!!!! I tried AJ's nose hair trimmer......those are as bad as epi-ladies were....nicked my eye lid. geesh....

Start getting the boys up and ready. Alec won't wake up and I find an empty pack of gum in my trashcan. I don't think it was Sydney cause she doesn't use the trashcan, must of been Alec while I was doing dishes last night.

Then...then...... I couldn't find my keys. As I looked for them I realized my driver's license was gone. Then I couldn't find my cell phone. CRAP!!!!!! I am looking around everywhere--can't find them.

Suddenly, the cat is in the Christmas tree--so I run over to the tree and tried to chase him out of the tree. Then I see my cell phone. I keep looking in the tree and I find my keys....and guess what...I found my license!!! Yeah!!!

Okay get the boys to the car.....and leave.....


note to self: Find a new hiding place for my purse.


Blogger Ruby said...

Did the cat do all that?! ;) My cat used to get into the christmas tree. One year we had to tie the tree to the wall.

12/02/2005 1:38 PM  
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