Significant Other

What role does your significant other play in your life and in the life of your family??

Some men claim that their wives see them only as "a paycheck" or a maintenance guy. Traditionally, men were the bread winners and the "grounds keepers" of the family. The wife would keep house and take care of the children and her man.

The "traditional family" is almost extinct. The term family no longer means a dad, a mom and 3.74 kids. Many grandparents are raising their grand children. There are step dads, step moms and step kids. There are gay/Lesbian parents. And unfortunately there are some they don't have any care givers except the state programs and facilities.

How are the roles defined in your family????

I am a single parent with three boys, 3 dogs and a cat (and some unwanted mice). So I am the paycheck, bill payer, care giver, care taker and a head case from time to time.

My oldest is a great "Stand-In" dad when it comes to the little boys and doing guy things. They have eaten worms, chased snakes, stuck cereal up their noses and play video games. He usually starts most of these fun projects. He is also a great babysitter. The weekly outside chores are his responsibility. But he is teaching his brothers to do them as well. For two reasons--one so he doesn't have to do it alone and two is so hopefully soon he won't have to do them at all. He also helps me around the house when I am freaking out on messes. He is a great kid.

Ashton, soon to be 8 on Dec. 10th, is my conscience. If I litter, he tells me and I pick it up. He always catches me when I cuss. He is the get up early and eat breakfast guy. So he is the alarm clock on the weekends. He is also a great help with his little brother. They torment each other, but they also entertain each other. He is not really his brother's keeper (that would take a prison warden) he is a great friend and someone for Alec to always look up too. Ashton is learning to do household chores and receives an allowance for his efforts. Another great kid--he has had a good example to follow with AJ.

Alec is only 4 years old and he is full of adventure. His curiosity keeps me on my toes and challenges me every day. He is my nutritional challenge. A very picky eater with a sugar fetish. He is also the night owl. So he keeps me up and I get to do extra house work or my invoicing.

So with roles defined.......even children play an important part in how our life functions. Every family is different and all children can help in different ways.

I always wonder if there was another parent--how the boys would change. I mean of course there would be more free time as a family if both parents helped. There could even be the possibility of a "at home" parent.

I also wonder if I could share my role as primary parent.

I can't wait to find out!!!


Blogger drama mama said...

I'm gonna leave a comment...but later. I feel like crap and am going back to bed.

12/04/2005 2:46 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Dave is the go to guy for all things Kayden, but not so much with Clinton. In a lot of ways, I still feel like a single parent with him.

He is a great help and comfort to me though.

12/05/2005 8:14 AM  
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