7th Day of December (Pearl Harbor Day)

Yes, I remembered Pearl Harbor Day. What American cannot???
Here is Today's List
  1. When Alec says he is drawing eyes, you should check and see what he is drawing on. Even though he had paper at his art table, he drew the eyes on his face where his eyes are. So he went to school with very colorful circles around his eyes.
  2. To children, 8 snow flakes means you must wear snow boots to school.
  3. The people I work with know NOTHING about computers and how to efficiently use their software.
  4. I am viewed as non-native-friendly because I won't speak Navajo with them. Sorry, I'm a pasty white girl that lives, breathes and speaks American.
  5. Even though my profile clearly states that I am not into cyber sex and I have a boyfriend, strange men still want me to watch them play with themselves on cam.
  6. My ignore list has 938 (and still growing) people on it where my friends list has 4.
  7. For some unknown reason, men from Africa have urges to talk to me.
  8. My oldest son is finding new ways to "push my buttons".
  9. Even though this is my 3rd Christmas as a "single parent" I am still having issues. I am much better this year then the past years, but still emotional and wiggage is still present.
  10. I can't go to an adult Christmas party alone. I'm just not that strong-but working on it.