Trippin' Tuesday!!!

Yes, I ran across two quizzes yesterday and I liked both of them so it was a double whammy!!!

Yesterday was just too weird. I woke up with my neck hurting and if I moved or used my right arm it hurt. Have you ever tried to brush your teeth with the "off" hand??? IT SUCKS!!!! I think I might have a self inflicted canker sore...

Got to work and realized that Alec had stole my bag of Cheerios....the lil' boogger....

I'm having issues driving cause it hurts to turn my head in certain directions. But I make it and I don't run into anyone....

At work, I'm in a so-so mood--not my usually bouncy annoying self. Everyone that comes in and tells me I look like crap!! Boy they know how to make a girl feel good don't they.

Yes, I was whinny....sorry...it was unavoidable. I still don't know why.

There was definitely something in the works...It just never totally surfaced.

I did do some blog surfing...and I won 100 credits!!!! I didn't even know you could win that many credits. I have only seen the 2, 3 and 5 ones.

When I got home, I scammed AJ into helping me a little bit since my neck still hurt and then the boys got TV dinners "Kids cuisine" and got to eat in front of the TV. I attempted to invoice and got some done. Got to talk to an incredible man on the phone and he made my world all smiles again. THANKS PJ. (deep sigh)

But, then I woke up this morning and realized how much daily cleaning I do. The house is a wreck. It looks like blanket monsters attacked my front room. Blankets everywhere, action figures everywhere....geesh....

I am still working on getting the red kool-aid stains out of the carpet in the front room from Ashton's stomach adventures. So if anyone has any helpful hints....PLEASE SHARE!!!


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