The Door is Closed for a Reason!!!!

Okay....I have been working on payroll all day.....finally got it all input-ted (not sure how to spell that one) Boss and I were proofing it. He reads what the computer says outloud and I compare it to the written sheets....yes we still live in the stone age and write this crap down, they won't listen to me........

Anywho....Our office door is shut, my back is to the door and facing the boss. He is looking at his monitor and reading off stuff while I am moving my ruler down the page.


"Can I come in?" cleaning lady, why doesn't she clean after business
hours like every other cleaning person in the world?

"Sure" she starts sweeping. The room is starting to fill with
dust. (cough-cough) We are still proofing the payroll.

DOOR OPENS (cleaning ladys says something in Navajo to the Navajo guy at
the door)

"Beth, can you make a copy of this for me" note: I hate this
guy...he is a pain in my arse

"No, I am doing payroll. Make the copy yourself."

"I've never done it by myself"

I just rolled my eyes and turned back around to continue payroll.

Cleaning lady mumbled something in Navajo again, probably the equalivant
to "She's a bitchy white girl" and they both left.

My point you ask (well I have a few)...The door was closed. Why do people do this??? Our door is never closed unless we are proofing payroll or gone. Why couldn't she wait till we were done, she had a whole office to clean.

Why does he think I am here to serve him??? Is it so difficult to make a copy??? I mean there are symbols and words on every button.

And...most importantly....Why the heck do they speak another language in front of others?? Personally I think it is rude. Of course I grew up here and it just pisses me off....but anymore I act like I don't care. They speak to me in Navajo or Spanish I just give them the "deer in the headlights" look and go on.

Whew!!! I feel better...


Blogger drama mama said...

Yah-Ta-Hey you Doe-de-geese-bellighanah-Son.

(the spelling is no good, but go say it to the cleaning lady! ) Of course, you'll be calling her a crazy white woman, but it's good for a laugh!

11/02/2005 11:36 AM  
Blogger ShutteredEye said...

Here here. Last time we were up, my wife and I went to look for some Navajo jewelry for her parents. We walked into one shop and started browsing, and then the two Navajo store keepers started conversing in Navajo, and looking at us and laughing.

We left.

11/02/2005 7:53 PM  
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