The Older Generation's Deterioration

My parents bought a new car last week-end a KIA something. Nice car though.
Anyway, they called me Sundayto set the station buttons on the stero. This is cool, so I packed up the boys and Sydney and headed over there. As I got the buttons set my dad said that the horn doesn't honk to confirm the lock from the remote. So I took the remote and messed with it and discovered that they had pressed the trunk button who knows when and they had been driving around for almost 2 days with their trunk open. I laughed quietly to myself, shut the trunk and got the horn to acknowledge. Pops was happy. Last night they came over very unexpectedly and I asked what they needed, my mother just smiled and said "Do we have to have a reason to come over?" I said..."Well dad has his car manual in his hand, he wants something" She just smiled and walked in. I then set their memory seats and programmed the remotes to respond to the correct setting.
Anyway, I made an observation over the weekend. Just as quickly as children change as they group up, our parents deteriorate. We need to cherish them and take our turn in the care giving and help without negativity. My parents have given me so much and have always been there for me. I am now making the commitment to be there for them.


Blogger drama mama said...

I know what you mean. With my dad sick, my mom has been relying a lot on me. I was scared to leave her in Albq. alone, because she keeps getting lost. And forgetting things. It scares me a little.

6/30/2005 1:14 PM  
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