EX1 - The Wedding

Okay, a little bit of history on EX1

I am a single/divoriced mother of 3 wonderful boys. I have been married twice. My first marriage was to a man 6 years older than me that I was dating in high school. Yes you guessed it, I got pregnant in high school. I became pregnant in February of my senior year. I was able to hide my pregnancy until September. I didn't go to the doctor or anything, stupid, stupid girl!!! Anyway, my parents found out on September 3, 1988 and we were married September 6, 1988. Man, when my parents get motivated, they get motivated. My plans were not to marry him, let's call him EX1, but to move to Albuquerque, have the baby and work for a travel agency.


My mother wouldn't have it, the baby had to have a name, so I married EX1. We had our small wedding at my parents house in the front room with a few family members. I wore a nice cotton dress and my husband to be, wore cowboy boots, 501 jeans and a blue t-shirt with a pocket and his ball cap. Such a romantic he was. What was I thinking!!!! Okay, married and we had cake, a mini reception, and guess what--My dad pulls out a huge cooler full of beer!!! What was HE thinking!!!! I guess this was my dowry or something. Here I am pregnant, just married watching my new husband get slobbering drunk. It's time to go and I grab my keys and he says no, he will take me to his home. Not our home, his home. My dad tells me to go even though I don't want to get in the car with a drunk driver. But, as a good daughter, I do what my parents tell me. Driving home in his jeep I can smell the beer on him, he reeks of it. We get to the house and he gets out and goes in. Doesn't open the door for me or hold the gate for me or help me with my bag or anything. It's about 10:30 pm so as I go in and go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. He gets in his recliner and pulls out another case of beer from the fridge and starts watching TV. I come out of the bathroom and stand in the hall way, he looks up and says. If you're tired, go to bed, don't wait for me.

So, my dream of a wonderful honeymoon is shattered.

But, I suck it up and put on a smile and say "Good Night, I love you". No response. So I turn and go to bed. Cry for a while and then go to sleep.


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