Poke Me With A Fork!!!

What a 4 day freak out thingie dealie bobber.

Friday, on top of the whole jock strap thing, we went out to eat at a Mexican food place called La Fiesta Grande. Used to be one of my favorites....USED TO BE...

Food full of uncooked onions and every thing tasted like they bought it at Sam's Club and microwaved it. AJ threw up for about 20 minutes about 2 hours after eating there......

Saturday, Alec started coughing and when I went to put him in the bathtub---his torso was covered with red swollen spots. I freaked out. He has already had the chicken pox shot.....Sunday morning took him to Urgent Care and was there for about 3 hours. He didn't have strep but a resp. infection and the rash was from it. Got an Rx for anti-bodics and another liquid to help with the rash $145.00 total spent on that and I have insurance!!.....He woke up this morning hacking so we had to stay home.

Also got a letter from meth head on Saturday...finally opened it today. He is still talking about getting out in April. Of course he is a habitual liar.....so who knows. I've called the prison twice and no one will answer the phones there. I was in search of medical history on meth head especially any mental stuff for the boys and their counseling. But, as usual, I will get along without it.

Knock on the door at about 2 pm this Monday. I open the door and a lady with a giant crescent wrench was standing there---saying she was going to disconnect my gas due to non payment. I told her I paid it on the web like I do every month and she said her report said no payment for 2 months. So she comes in and I logged onto the bank and there the payments are with their conformation numbers. She calls her dispatch--on my phone-- and gives them the numbers. Then she said it was taken care of. No apology no nothing. Just freaked me out!!!!

Went by the bank to put in all extra cash....still saving for Mickey's place, and must of been in line for over 35 minutes and there was only one car in front of me.......



Blogger Dubs said...

Oh no?! You really need to move. It's got bad kharma. :( I hate bills. I hate lines. Ex husbands are really annoying. And oh my, sorry for the insurance stuff! :(

Wish I could hug you,

3/06/2006 5:35 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

sorry everyone was sick!
that totally sucks.

well, you're going to Disney World (land?) in a few weeks. so everything will look up!

what do you mean "how do you change your mind indoors"?
like...okay im blank.

3/06/2006 7:02 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Dang, it does sound like you had a bad day. Hope this one's a lot better!

3/07/2006 7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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