(either physically, emotionally or entirely)

My original inspiration came from here -- Stephanie

She recalls when she saw a lady with her daughter in line at the post office and the child kept telling her she had to go potty...mother of course ignoring her....and of course after a while....the accident happened and she yelled at her daughter. Stephanie writes it much better...you should check it out.

Anyway...this child became a victim of her mother's selfishness and was humiliated in public....just horrible....

About a year ago, I was semi-seeing a guy from work. Definition of semi-seeing....I watched his kids after work till their mom picked them up at 9 pm and then on the weekends while he slept on my couch..... obvisously that didn't last....

But, until I watched them, those kids never had a hot dinner--always cold cereal. Didn't have anyone to help them with their homework or to just inner-act with them.

They were victims of their parents' laziness and selfishness and in the end...their divorce.

Last, of course, my kids. They are victims of meth-head's addictions. Not just meth--there is pot and excessive alcohol.

The mental torture is still evident in Ashton and AJ and now it is showing in Alec. He will have his first cousellor's appointment on the 13th.


Looking back, I should of followed my instinct and just disappeared from Farmington and not follow the law and make them go with him. I took him to court over 20 times and each time the "domestic violence commissioner" wanna be judge kept granting him visitation. Even when he pointed a loaded gun at me in front of them in Smith's parking lot....he still got visitation. Eventually, he stopped visitation because he didn't have a car (it got repo'd) and as things continued to sprial he ended up in prison where he still is. But those boys are still suffering from his crap!!!


AAAGGGGHHH.......(deep sigh) at least I still have the boys and I am working on making them better....and I still have an escape plan if needed.

I just wish that kids, all kids,were not able to be victims of anybody!!!!

Wanna participate in the en"chap"ment???

Let me know...and I will link you here!!!!


Anonymous Stephanie Davies said...

Thanks for the plug again lol We have quite the little internet argument going on over at my blog over what I wrote. Trolls everywhere, and people getting very outspoken about the issue.

I completely agree with you. Children are "at our mercy" so to speak, no matter whether we are good parents or bad parents, and no child should have to suffer for a parents meanness, laziness, or ignorance. Very well put!

3/02/2006 6:29 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...

:( I agree with what Steph said you said. That really breaks my heart. I wish I could give you a huge hug momma.

Here's to YOU & your precious kiddos,

3/02/2006 7:27 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

have you seen white oleander? or read it?
it's very sad, and it has to do with exactly what you're talking about.

3/02/2006 7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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