I have had my fill of me-me people. It seems that lately, that is all that is around me. I do realize that all of us at times get into a "me-me" mode--and I can deal with that. I'm talking about the people that are always in that mode and get pissy if you aren't all about them as well.

Biker chick is a huge me-me. I can be on the phone with a customer or a vendor and she will burst into my office and just start talking. I will pause and ask the caller to hold on and tell her I am on the phone...and she just keeps going. Once I shush'd her and you would of thought I called her the "C" word...she got all hurt and even more pissy.

Then we have my friend Lisa, who can't quite talking about her male friend that I personally think is a tweaker. She insists on calling me at work and at home and needs to talk for very long periods of time. At first, it was acceptable because it was a fresh heart wound and I know those can be horrible.....but after 3 months and she still won't walk away.....she just keeps stirring it up...and then she wants my advice and asks me questions about meth-man. Not even thinking that having to relive that crap is not exactly a happy thing for me......

Then we have the guys that I used to talk to on the internet. Haven't heard from them in months...and I mean at least 4 or 5. They pop in and act like they have been around all the time. I've even had a guy tell me that he loved me. The only reason he was talking to me was because he just got dumped and he wanted someone to lick his wounds and other things....

Then we have the one that just talks about himself non-stop, no matter what the subject of the conversation, he will just go off on his on little conversation.

I mean when you talk to someone, isn't there supposed to be an exchange of words, thoughts, visions and knowledge??? Isn't that what makes it a conversation??? You talk with people not at them???

I mean I have more intelligent and meaningful conversations with my 4 year old than I do with some adults. I love to listen to people, don't get me wrong--it's just when it is always me listening that it gets annoying.

It seems the people you care about and care about you don't do this. It's the people that only care for themselves that carry on in such a manner. If I have a friend that is having a problem, I am there and I am all ears. That is what friends are for, and they are there for me when I am ready to unload. But, those are very precise instances--not an every day thing.

How do you deal with "ME-ME" people????


Blogger Dubs said...


1/19/2006 1:37 PM  
Blogger Dubs said...


1/19/2006 1:37 PM  
Anonymous Holly said...

hehe. I'm usually disengaged and just ocassionally saying yeah, onha. etc.. while mentally I'm figureing out my grocery list, make a todo list, or thinking about what I'm making for dinner. If they are on the phone, I do the same thing but tune them out while doing something else. If it is a really close friend who isnt' normally like that I might cut her some slack and rest usually start to get the hint their personal drama as they are.

1/19/2006 8:31 PM  
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