Friday Lunch Rant!!

Okay, blogger won't let me post pictures...so I will just be verbal....

Two maybe three things irritated me at lunch today. Well at least things worth mentioning.

Biker chick and I went to Johnny Carino's....SO GOOD...I ate way too much and now I am poping tums like PEZ.

As usual on fridays, I am all pinked out and girly looking and she is biker chicked out in black and looking like the masculine side of a lesibian relationship. I think we both dress like this on fridays just to freak people out when we go to lunch......anyway....

Before I got to the restaurant I had to go by the ATM to get cash. It's a DRIVE UP ATM....did you noticed the DRIVE UP part??? I pull up and there is a lady that drove her car up and then got out to use it. It's not high up or anything....why do people do that????? Then they have to get in the car and leave....but this one....had to look in the mirror, make weird faces, mess with her purse and then start the car and then it took like 8 tries to get the heck out of my way......AAAGGGHHHHH......BANK RAGE!!!!

Next....what is the deal with the mobile tombstones??? Why do people put "IN LOVING MEMORY OF" and the info on their back window??? I just don't get it. I mean I miss those in my life who have passed, but I want them to rest in peace not drive around town with me!!!! If there is a better reason for this, please tell me. Personally, I think it is disrespectful. It's like they are using a loved one's death to get attention. But that is just me!!!

Third....why is the possiblility of lesibians attractive to guys????? When we go to lunch, we get more guys eyeing us than we do when we are apart,........PHIL---explain this to me.....you're a single guy....what is the deal???? I AM NOT attracted to them or by the sight of them....actually I think it's kinda creepy..... The gay guy thing is even creepier....however the guy clerk at PACSUN where I have to get AJ's jeans...know's his stuff.......when I can't find something or have questions, I go find him. But, he is more feminine than I am...which is weird...but it's all in the name of shopping!!!!



Blogger Phil said...

If you think the "In memory of..." bumper/window stickers are bad, you should see my white-trash cousin, who has about 4 of those TATOOED to his body. One of 'em (for his uncle) has a psycho clown next to it (think Stephen King's "IT"). Talk about disrespectfull.

And why are you singling ME out for the lesbian stuff? Eeesh. :) Truthfully, I couldn't tell you why some guys are turned on by that, cuz I'm not one of 'em. I'm not repulsed by it, but it doesn't do anything for me. Sorry.


10/29/2005 9:43 AM  
Blogger peebugg said...

Phil: You're the only single guy that I know of that reads my blog and actually comments!!!! And I know you AIN'T SKEERED to comment.

I'm thinking it's because of the possiblilty of two girls with one guy is why they oogle.... Personally, I get way too jealous to share my man, so it's just not in the cards.....

10/29/2005 12:08 PM  

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