A New Look--Breast Implants Not Needed!!!

Yes, this is a new look for me. I or we (purepixel) are working out a few bugs, so please be patient with the links and such.

However, if you do find a glitch....please let me know so it can get got.

I had a comment on my previous blog that asked what would the female gender equivalent of a"penis extension". What a very good question. It could be breast implants, but that is really not a "sex" organ. Even though some men, (jammies), find breasts extremely arousing (jammies). So what would it be???

(warning: this is going to get weird, those weak of heart
or sense of humor should stop reading now)
I have been thinking about this and I am guessing it would depend on the partner you are with. With men, there is really only one part unless of course it is a man that likes his exit door visited. Then, well, I don't really know how they would enhance that.
Some women enhance everything, we are talking collagen lips (the ones on the face...geesh you guys are as bad as me) well, come to think of it I think I read somewhere where there were implants down there as well. Ewwwwww, can you just imagine going in for your quarterly collagen injection with your feet in the stir-ups. NO THANK YOU!!!!
Why are big lips attractive??? (Again the one's on the face.) To me they would be all slobbery and messy.....oh...never mind just answered my own question.
Breast implants are very odd to me. I mean I don't need them (jammies don't say it) and even if I did, I don't think I would want them. They are a lot of hassle. Then when you get older...eeewwww. Just think of what Pamela will look like in about 10 years. She will either have to keep getting them lifted or push them around in a wheel barrel. And honestly, if a guy did a face plant on her chest he would just bounce right back. They can't be soft and gooshy like the real thing. They are more like those hippty-hops that were around when we were kids.
I guess the only other enhancement on a woman would be a "wall thicken-er". To enhance you have to add, correct???? So, the ad could be (following the non-gender specific example sent to me)...."Patrick, how would you like to have your vagina 2-4 inches tighter?"....ha-ha... so that would mean the pill or whatever would cause major water retention??? eeewwwwww
What about the piercing stuff. Gross!!!!!! I just don't get it, and I don't want too. I realize that some people like all the piercing, but I had a hard enough time getting my ears pierced the second time let alone go spread eagle in front of some bald tattoo'd guy with a hallow needle. And what if there was an infection!!! Is it like normal piercing and you have to twist the earring several times a day, how would you do that??? How would you pee????
What about male piercing below the belt. I'm not even a guy and I'll say it...OUCH!!!!!. I've seen pictures but never anything in person, thank goodness. I don't see how this could be attractive or stimulating. I would think the girl would say (going in) hhmm...what's that....and then on the reverse motion...ouch...that poked me...in a non-sexually needed or wanted kind of way. I mean the earring or penis stud..(he-he) has a post and a back on it right???? What if it gets caught or tangled up??? Explain that one to the medics or the lady manning the 911 phones.
"Um yes, I have a problem"
"Please state your emergency"
"Uh...I'm stuck, I mean my ear ring is stuck...I mean my penis piercing is stuck"
"Stuck where sir?"
"Um...in my partner or it could be on my partner, I'm not sure I can't see down there right now"
When they arrive, how will you answer the door???? Most of the time it's locked when you are doing things like this right???
I am digressing from my original point...sorry.......I had a bloggers whim and I followed it.....
I guess I am just an old fashion girl when you get down to it. I like the one male and one female relationships.
Here is my new motto:
Kinky is using a feather
Perverted is using the whole chicken!


Blogger Michelle said...

love the new template! it's so pretty!!!

10/12/2005 7:33 AM  
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wicked layout! i love it!!! i can never do that!

10/12/2005 8:13 AM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

thanks peebugg! and yeah, i know boys are slow. but girls can be slow too.

10/12/2005 9:19 AM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Who is PJ and why do you love him?

10/12/2005 1:51 PM  
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