Life Issues 101 aka WHY ME!!

I'm having issues today. Lots of weird stuff going on that only have one thing in common....ME!!

Biker chick's husband went through her cell phone bill and found numbers that were not local. She has been meeting men on-line and has already slept with at least two of them. I think her husband is cool and that she is making a big mistake, but I am sure I don't know the whole story so I keep my opinions to myself. I honestly think she has spent too much time in the tanning bed!!!

Our purchasing guy is a POOP HEAD!!! with a capital DICK! I used to think he was just grouchy then yesterday he came down demanding one of our vendor's checks. I told him to be nice and hang on. He informed me that it was not his job to be nice but it was my job to do as he said. HA-HA-HA.... He must not of noticed that when it comes to work I am the biggest female chauvinist pig there is..... So we had a spat, my boss just hid behind his monitor...lol he knew I was on a roll. Needless to say, he still wasn't talking to me today!!!

I had to go buy another spiderman costume yesterday, cause Alec won't take off the other one and it now has a run in it. Oh well, at least it was half price.

Came home yesterday and the yard had an empty brownie box and an empty nutty bar box in it. The boxes were brand new and inside the house when I left that morning. Sydney and her sweet tooth struck again. I was so worried that she might die, the whole chocolate and dog thing, but she is fine...that's good.

AJ is now 6'1" and I had to buy all new jeans cause he was getting high waters....I hated it when my mom made me wear pants that were too short. So there went $150.00 towards enough jeans for me to get through a week without him being mad because there were no clean jeans.

Received a total of 5 letters from meth-man in the last 7 days. It's freaking me out. The weird thing is--he says pretty much the same stuff in every letter. Since our last confrontation, he has quite addressing me in the letters. ha-ha...... If I cared I might laugh more...geesh

I now have 8 zits and I think I am sprouting a unicorn horn....

The dog, Juan Lopez, spewed on my dry clean only bedspread this morning...oh joy!!!

and the worse news of all......I haven't heard PJ's voice since Saturday...I think I'm going through withdrawls....



Blogger drama mama said...

Sheesh! Quite a week, and it's only Tuesday!

10/25/2005 10:44 PM  
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