And the Dogs Shall Feast!!!! (well, kinda)

But this time, she is supposed to be eating it!!!!
Alec was home sick today which means I was too (home that is not sick), so I decided to make the pasta, cheese and ham casserole for dinner!!!!
So Yummy!!!
(in the traditional version of course)
I had the ham, cream of mushroom soup, and some shredded cheese in a bowl just waiting for the pasta to get done cooking. I was stirring the pasta when Alec came in and wanted to help stir. Well of course he can't help with the pasta because it is too hot, so I give him a spoon and let him stir the mixture. All is going well, then I realized that I had forgot to put some ranch dressing in the mixture, so I went to the fridge grabbed the bottle and squeezed some in the bowl and told Alec to stir it up really good. He was very happy to do so. I was stirring the pasta and the phone rang. I put my spoon down and went to go get it, come back and the pasta is ready. So I tell Alec to get off the stool because I had to drain the hot water off. No problem, not even a whimper. Drain the pasta, combine it with the mixture and dump into a casserole dish. Alec helps me top it with shredded cheese and into the oven it goes. Then he says..
"I'm cookin', huh mama"
"Yes, you are and you were a big help!!"
His little eyes light up and he runs off to watch the rest of "Robots" Buzzer goes off, I open the oven door and there is a weird smell. Not sure what it was....hhhmmmmmm I open the drawer to get out the hot pad holder and I get out a trivet and put it on the counter. I noticed the mustard bottle was on the counter. HHmmmmm...I didn't make sandwiches today.
"Alec, why is this out???" Holding up the mustard jar.
"What mom?" running into the kitchen wearing his spiderman costume
"Why is this mustard out?"
"I cookin' like you!!"
"You're cooking??"
"Yeah, like you" (flash back...the ranch dressing)
"Did you put this in the bowl that you were cooking?"
"Yeah, like you but mine was white!!" (explains the weird smell)
"Well, thank you. I am sure it will be yummy!"
He runs back into the front room. I tried it.....eeeewwwwwwww
So the dogs got it, they didn't eat much of it either,
I guess they aren't big fans of mustard!!


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

aaaw!!! im 14 and i still get yelled at in the kitchen. well, thats usually cause im ruining pancakes (im pancake dislexic.) or im in the way. thats why i sit on the washer now! so then im not in the way unless she's doing wash.
but i dont help cook often. i stipped that about 5 years ago.

10/20/2005 7:39 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

LOL...It didn't taste like a yummy ham and cheese sandwich w/mustard??

10/21/2005 9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/17/2007 3:16 PM  

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