100 Things About Me

  1. I am a Gemini (yes there are two of me, very scary thought)
  2. Every 4 years my birthday is on Memorial Day
  3. I have been married twice
  4. I have never been proposed to
  5. or had a "real wedding dress"
  6. or a formal wedding
  7. or had a honeymoon for that matter
  8. I was the one who moved out and filed for both divorces
  9. My past taste in men sucks, but I am working on it
  10. The first time I got pregnant was on Valentine's Day and I was 17 and a senior in high school
  11. I got pregnant in a jeep in the middle of what is now a sub-division, with his dog drooling on me (such a romantic he was)
  12. My parents didn't know I was pregnant till I was 6-1/2 months along (my mom got mad and my dad didn't)
  13. I have only been drunk twice in my life. I can't remember one and the other time was with a sheriff's deputy.
  14. I egged Kyle Buller's house 6 times in high school (sorry Kyle I hope it didn't hurt your mom or your dog)
  15. I sucked Greg Soukup's belly button my Jr. year. He had really weird fetishes.
  16. My 10th grade swimming coach was a Lesbian
  17. So was my 8th grade PE teacher
  18. My first kiss was when I was in 8th grade by a 7th grader
  19. Despite their enormous size, I didn't get my boobs till 10th grade
  20. I have been 5'8" since 9th grade
  21. My first car was a 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit (46 miles to the gallon--woo hoo)
  22. I still live in the town where I was born
  23. I don't like my brother as much as I pretend too
  24. I have been shooting guns since I was 6 years old
  25. I want to turkey hunt with a bow
  26. I want to go on a Cruise that lasts more than 1 day
  27. I have never been on a snow mobile
  28. I can't sing in tune or even get close to in tune
  29. I pratice singing every day at a very loud volume (keeps people out of my office)
  30. I never had a crush on Matt Dillion, Rob Lowe or Scott Baio
  31. I was only spanked once by my dad and that was when I was 8 and got caught going to 7 to 11 when he told me no.
  32. I used to pretend I was Marie Osmound and Rusty Anderson was Donny Osmound when he was at his grandparent's house. We would roller skate around the back porch and sing "I'm a little bit country" (hehehehe)
  33. I don't open Christmas presents till Christmas Day after Santa Clause comes
  34. I teach Microsoft classes at our local community college
  35. I have never taken a Microsoft class in my life
  36. I have been to both Disneyland and DisneyWorld and want to take my kids to both
  37. I have been to Carlsbad Caverns
  38. I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time in March, 2005
  39. I have walked on the lake bed of Lake Powell
  40. I always get lost at least once on road trips
  41. I have never been arrested
  42. I have a thing for police men or ex police men (it's the attitude not the uniform)
  43. I like men that are thick chested
  44. I can't stand for anyone to mess with my feet
  45. I walk with my toes curled under (have no idea why, always have though)
  46. I love the color Pink (I know this is a shock to some of you)
  47. I love carnations
  48. I want to move to another state or at least another city I just don't know where yet
  49. In 7th grade I had braces, glasses and a FRO ...I was such a geek
  50. I played the flute in jr. high and high school
  51. I have never nude sun bathed
  52. I never went to prom...ever
  53. The first and only time I went to a tanning bed, I burned my breasts so bad that they cracked and drained oil for 4 months.
  54. I breast fed all three of my boys but only for a short period of time
  55. I have never been a stay at home mom, although I would love to be one
  56. I stole a copy of my English final in 12th grade
  57. I like the Chicago Bears
  58. And the Miami Dolphins
  59. I was a baseball park brat, and now I don't really care for baseball
  60. I run worse than a girl...it's a sad sight
  61. I struck out at T-Ball when I was in 4th grade
  62. I do 3 loads of laundry a day
  63. I have never skinny dipped, but would love to someday
  64. I have a fear of open water
  65. I love to swim
  66. I flashed, from the 5th floor dorm window, some college students at ENMU when I was in 10th grade.
  67. I peroxided my hair like the boys in "The Outsiders" in 8th grade and my parents never noticed.
  68. I don't have any tattoos
  69. I have only had my ears pierced--nothing else
  70. Porn films don't excite me
  71. But hockey and football do
  72. I don't like prissy men with soft hands
  73. I am more accepting of Lesbian sex then I am of gay guy sex
  74. Although I don't want to watch or participate in either one
  75. I have never kissed a girl nor do I want too
  76. I have never been part of a multiple partner sex adventure-nor do I want too
  77. I am starting to like country music
  78. I still like the Go-Go's
  79. I like Anne Rice's old books, don't care too much for the new ones
  80. I am terrified of WereWolves
  81. The scariest book I have ever read was "quarrel With The Moon"
  82. The only Stephen King book I like is "The Stand"
  83. I didn't get baptized until I was 31 years old
  84. I would love to have another baby, but I am scared too
  85. I want to go to Europe and Australia some day
  86. I like cemataries and reading the tombstones
  87. I love history
  88. Lady Jane Grey or Queen Jane is one of my idols
  89. I remember Princess Di and Prince Charles' wedding and watching it on TV for months.
  90. I was a Rainbow Girl when I was younger
  91. I am a member of The Order of Eastern Star
  92. I love animals
  93. I love to go to zoos
  94. I have a magnet collection on my fridge
  95. I do not have a college degree
  96. I can drive both a automatic and a stick transmissioned vehicles
  97. I don't know how to snow ski
  98. I have never been water skiing
  99. I don't want to be rich, but not having to always worry about money would be nice.
  100. I can't wait to fall in love and live happily ever after


Blogger Michelle said...

LOL........I still live in the same town I was born. My first car was a 1970 yellow VW Volkswagon, I lost my virginity in it my Senior Year. It was not with the person I wished it had been with. That damn car is still parked outside my home in the process of being resorated. I wish it was as easy to restore my past as it is my car...

10/13/2005 12:47 AM  
Blogger Graham said...

Very cool :). If only in #100 those two could both always go together.

10/13/2005 6:52 PM  
Blogger drama mama said...

Rusty Anderson kissed me at Graduation,Greg Soukup was a freak and Bobby (what's his name, albino bob) probably still thinks that Rick Springfield is my real father! :)

10/14/2005 5:00 PM  
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