Cookie Dough Pop-Tarts

Yes, they sound disgusting, in fact I think they are. But Mr. Alec is now addicted.

We ran out of that particular flavor yesterday and I hadn't been to the store to replace them. He opened up the cupboard to get his driving snack and got very angry.

"Mom, where's my cookie dough?"
"We ran out, I'll get some at Wal-Mart today."
"Go to Wal-Mart NOW!!!"
"We can't go now, we have to go to school."
"I want to go to Wal-Mart NOW!!!" (cupboard door slams)
"No, school here is your chocolate milk."
"I hate chocolate milk, I hate school, I HATE!!" I just looked at him and turned off the kitchen light and headed for the door. He slowly headed that way. We got in the car and headed for daycare.

"Mom, what's that?" (pointing to the cherry pop-tarts I had in the front seat.
"Cherry pop tart, do you want some they are yummy"
"Let me see..." I hand it to him and he looks at it and hands it back
"It's not cookie dough"
"No it's cherry and it's mine...yummy"
"Can I have one?"
"Do you want the other one?"
"Yes, Please!" he takes it.

We get to daycare and I get him out of the car and we walk in, he sees his teacher.

"Amanda, my underwear is biting me!!"

All the teachers are laughing and so the day starts.