It Only Happens When I Look Horrible!!!!

I had to go to wal-mart today....again. I just went Friday!!!! It was 1:30 pm and I ran out of laundry soap, so I put on my deck shoes and headed out the door. I had to sneak so the little boys wouldn't hear me and want to go. It's always much more expensive when they go with me, and since AJ was home....I got some alone time.

I was in such a hurry to sneak out, I forgot to put on any make-up and double check my hair. Now it wasn't that bad, but I don't usually go out without make-up!!!

I got about 3/4 done (remembered I needed milk and trash bags too!!!! oh and Count Chocula) and this young lady looks at me and says

"Hi, How have you been doing?"
"I'm fine, how about you?" I say with a half way smile (I have no clue who she is)
"You don't know who I am do you?" and she pointed over to her husband.

It was Brandon!!!!! Meth-man's son!! He is a really cool kid and I think he is about 22 or 23. His mother got a cool divorce, way back then, that forbid Michael to have anything to do with Brandon till he was over 18. When we split up, meth-man contacted him. He finally met his dad, thought he was cool for the first 3 weeks and then realized he was a loser. But we are still friends. His wife is wonderful and their little girl is 2-1/2 and Mandy (his wife) is expecting another one on December 23rd.

We talked for about 30 minutes in the cereal isle of wal-mart. I got to hug his daughter and we exchanged phone numbers so we can get together. He works for a dialysis center in Cortez, Colorado. He used to work for the one here, but they didn't pay very well. Two Christmases ago, I tracked him down to give him a Christmas present from Ashton and Alec. We got ready to leave, I hugged him and I whispered in his ear in a teary voice:

"Don't ever be mad at your mother for what she did concerning your
dad. She did the right thing for you. She is a very strong woman"

I know he must of thought I was freaking out, but I just wanted him to know that his mom did the right thing. When meth-man and I were together, I never understood her coldness--much has changed!!

Anyway, picture this.....I have on a sports bra, so I am semi sagging, hair in a scrunchie, bangs semi curled, no make up...don't forget the remains of the six zits from yesterday.... shorts.....neon-white legs, deck shoes no socks....BUT HEY, AT LEAST I DID HAVE MY LEGS SHAVED, and some weird shirt I got for $1 that I do house work in. My wasn't I a pretty picture.....

But oh well, it was fun visiting.

I see a lot of his dad in his looks but not in his personality or attitude. He is a really good kid and his mother did do what was best for him.

Why is it that you only see people at the store when you aren't all made up and looking perfect?? Why can't you run into old friends when you are having a killer hair day, good make up and no drip stains on your chest???


Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

i dont know. maybe thats how the world works.
my family doesnt run into people we want to see. we run into people we dont like and never want to see again. and we always look good, so i guess we never think about it too much.
sorry you looked like crap when you ran into him.

10/24/2005 7:58 PM  
Blogger Aiden Witmore said...

thats Frank! he's in My Chemical Romance. he's a spunky guitar player with a lot of energy to give.
and he has a great butt.
Frank doesnt do much for me. if thats what your question means. he's just a muse really. a dude in a band i happen to adore.
if you want more information on him go here to MY WEBSITE.

poke around. when you find the page titled "my chemical romance" you've hit the jackpot man.
if you actually do go and look, tell me what you think!!!

10/25/2005 8:05 AM  
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